Cartoon Roundup July 2nd

This week's cartoon roundup focuses on hopes for Rouhani's presidency, the departure of Ahmadinejad, and the economic situation in Iran.

Dimming the Internet: Detecting Throttling as a Mechanism of Censorship in Iran

Today, the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication releases “Dimming the Internet: Detecting Throttling as a Mechanism of Censorship in Iran,” a documentation on three years of the use of bandwidth throttling as a means of political censorship in Iran, on the public scientific publishing site arXiv.

Cartoon Roundup: June 18th

Election related cartoons dominated headlines over the past few weeks.

2013 Elections Update: Third Presidential Debate

The last two presidential debates on June 5th and 7th brought a much needed sense of relief to an electoral population disillusioned by the first debate’s game-show format. The IRIB significantly restructured the format and content of the last two debates, following harsh criticisms from candidates and politically active Iranians who believed the ruling establishment was making a parody of the electoral process.

Media and Elections Update

With the elections scheduled for this Friday, Iran’s newspapers have been rather sluggishly reporting on the elections, compared to the more vibrant and spirited coverage during 2009’s election.

2013 Presidential Debate or Game Show?

ASL 19 and Iran Media Program examine responses to the first 2013 presidential debate. Broadcasted on IRIB, the first three and a half hour presidential debate took place on June 1st and was followed by an onslaught of criticism from the eight candidates, other politicians, and the media. News websites and Iranian newspapers across multiple political affiliations criticized the "offensive" nature of the debate.

Cartoon Roundup: June 4th

This week's cartoon roundup focuses on the presidential candidates, foreign interference in the upcoming election, and the current economic and political climate.

Will politics be tweeted? New media use by Iranian youth in 2011

A survey of 2,800 Iranian youths regarding their consumption of media and social media indicates that the Internet and state-run television are their primary source for news and information, followed by traditional media and personal connections. Twitter, long thought to be the catalyst of the post-election discontent in 2009, did not show up on the radar of news and information sources.