Cyberspace reports

Persian Cyberspace Report: January 15th- 31st

Users in Persian cyberspace commented on IRIB's ban on musical instruments, a Tehran garment building fire, and photo of Iranian teacher who shaved head in solidarity with bullied student.

Persian Cyberspace Report: January 1st- 15th

Headlines circulated cyberspace focused on the Narenji bloggers, tragic movie shoot accident, and cancellation of the 40cheragh Yalda party.

Persian Cyberspace Report: December 1-15th

Iranians reacted to Rouhani's social media activities, disruptions to the 2014 World Cup final draw, and the "More Children, Happier Life" campaign in cyberspace.

Persian Cyberspace Report: November 15-30th

Headlines focusing on the Geneva nuclear agreement, health effects of pollution in Khuzestan, and fashion shoots in Tehran circulated cyberspace.

Persian Cyberspace Report: November 1st- 15th

Reactions to legendary Iranian goalkeeper mentioned in homeland, murder-suicide of Iranian musicians in Brooklyn, fashion photoshoot in Iran, and French Foreign Minister's position at Geneva talk circulated cyberspace

Persian Cyberspace Report October 15th-31st

Mousavi daughters attacked by security forces, and reactions to recent execution of sixteen "rebels."

Persian Cyberspace Report October 1st-15th

President Rouhani The Guardian's Nobel Peace Prize online poll winner, reactions to Prime Minister Netanyahu's jeans comment, and Zarif's Facebook post about his hospitalization due to misquote in Kayhan.

Persian Cyberspace Report September 16th- 30th

Iranian Internet users discussed Rouhani's foreign policy, the release of political prisoners, and the disqualification of the Iranian women's karate team due to dress.