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Workshop: The Political and Social Impact of Facebook in Iran

Annenberg School for Communication, APPC building
Friday, February 24, 2012 - 08:30

This workshop pulls together scholars and practitioners to discuss the political and social dynamics of Facebook in Iranian society. Among the topics to be discussed:

• Facebook as a surrogate public sphere: Social dynamics of Facebook and how it has (if at all) impacted Iranian society, matters of expression, politics, organizing
• Facebook’s popularity among the regime and religious establishment
• Measures the Islamic Republic has adopted to limit, manage or perhaps use the social networking site to consolidate power
• Facebook and its role in the so-called ‘soft-war’
• Issues of anonymity, google+, implications of this for everyday users in Iran and dissidents
• Policy at Facebook, implications on the ground, users in closed societies

Scholars will present short papers after which discussion and a Q&A session will follow.  A representative from Facebook's Public Policy will join in the second half of the day.


The workshop is semi-closed so an RSVP is necessary to attend.