Daneshmand (Scientist) is a monthly magazine dedicated solely to science articles for the public and has been in print for over four decades. Its slogan in 1963 was “New talk, from a new world, for the new generation, with today’s knowledge, and the research that leads to tomorrow.” The magazine rights belonged to Efat Amidi Noori, directed by both Dr. Mostafa Almooti and Dr. Nasrollah Shifteh.
      The Mostazafan Foundation of the Islamic Revolution (the Oppressed and Disabled Foundation of Islamic Revolution), a charitable government-run organization, confiscated Daneshmand five years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Since 1984, the magazine’s masthead has named the Mostazafan Foundation of the Islamic Revolution as the publication’s owner. Daneshmand is currently regarded as a reliable and popular publication for those looking to read about science.