Etemaad-e Melli

Etemaad-e Melli (National Trust) is the official newspaper of the National Trust Party. Cleric Mehdi Karoubi is the license holder and Mohammad-Javad Haghshenas is the director. In August of 2009, Tehran’s prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi banned the newspaper temporarily after Karoubi was set to publish an article addressed to his opponents who dismissed allegations that protesters detained following the contested 2009 presidential elections in Iran were raped while in custody. Mortazavi denied that it was on his orders that the newspaper be shut down, and claimed “Technical printing problems were the reasons for not distributing the paper.” Karoubi’s son Hossein said, "Last night a representative of the prosecutor's office came to the Etemad-e Melli printing house and announced the temporary shutdown of the daily." The paper never resumed publishing and is as of now still in legal proceedings.