Abrar (Samaritans) is a conservative pro-government daily newspaper. The license holder, director, and editor-in-chief is Seyyed Mohammad Safizadeh. Prior to embarking on his career in journalism, Safizadeh was the president of Iran’s Football Federation. Abrar covers everything from culture and politics to economy and social issues. Abrar-e Varzeshi (Sports Abrar) and Abrar-e Eghtesdai (Economic Abrar) are the paper’s two sister publications.
While Abrar is considered a conservative news source, it has not been immune from the daily scrutiny other news outlets in Iran face. In 1999, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that the Deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister in press and propagation affairs has issued a warning to the daily, “for the dissemination of news through indecorous means, breaching norms, and non-observance of ethical and moral practices.” The warning came after Abrar published a satirical story about mosques.