is one of the oldest sites using a weblog format where each individual is allowed to participate by providing content for the site. User content ranges from news and events to opinion and memoir. Jahanshah Javid founded the English-language site in 1995, while working as a translator and journalist in San Francisco.

With the exception of a two year hiatus from 1998-2000 when Javid worked at Radio BBC Persian, he remained the editor in chief until selling the site to investors in 2012. Before immigrating to the US, Javid started his career in journalism as a translator for the Islamic Republic News Agency at age 19. A devotee of the Islamic Revolution, Javid had a change of heart after taking a summer journalism course at City University in London. He later moved to the US in 1990 to study journalism and communications at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and later Hunter College in New York.

The website, originally called The Iranian, operated as a bimonthly online magazine with an audience consisting primarily of second-generation and English-speaking Iranians living in North America. As the website grew, Iranians in Iran also began reading and contributing and in 2007 the site enabled content in Persian to be added to the originally English- only site.

In an interview published on, Javid explained,“The Internet gave the power to publish practically anything and everything without state control. With all the problems with censorship in Iran, it was a tremendous opportunity to exercise freedom of speech.”’s slogan is “Nothing Is Sacred.” The website writes, “With the Islamic Republic of Iran's suffocating censorship of the Internet and media, its harsh treatment of bloggers, journalists and online activists, serves as a beacon for discussion and as a counterweight to the forces of contraction. It is a central meeting space where information is openly shared, debated and celebrated--a real time pulse of diverse voices and perspectives across the Iranian Diaspora.”