In print since 1979, Danestaniha (Things To Know) is a biweekly, written in an accessible and non-technical language, with a focus on science, technology, nature, and history. In 1979 Danestaniha was printed under the name Danestaniha Baray-e Javanan (Things to Know For the Young), under the ownership and management of Faraneh Behzad. After a few editions, the magazine became so popular that the title was changed to

Danestaniha—most likely to reach a wider audience.
Faraneh Behzadi was the daughter of Dr. Ali Behzadi, who before the 1979 Islamic Revolution was a journalist and owner of the widely circulated Sepid and Siyah (Black and White) magazine. Danestaniha was the first magazine of its kind to print entirely in color. During the 1980’s, and despite the economic hardships the country was going through, the magazine became one of Iran’s best- selling magazines, with a circulation of 180,000 at its highest point. During the 1990’s, the magazine was shut down for a period of time after publishing a controversial edition that included writings from the famed writer and dissident Ebrahim Nabavi.

In the fall of 2009, the Hamshahri Institute (a media conglomerate) bought the magazine’s rights from Faraneh Behzadi. The first three editions were printed with Mostafa Ashari acting as editor in chief, after which Siamak Rahmani, a sports journalist took over the position. Danestaniha soon had highest circulation amongst all of Hamshahri’s magazines.
Siamak Rahmani later became the editor in chief of the newspaper Tamasha (Looking), a paper under the wing of Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei--President Mahmood Ahmadinejad’s former chief of staff and confidant. In 2010, Tehran Mayor Mohamad Bagher Ghalibaf ordered that all senior staff and reporters working at the Hamshahri Institute be dismissed, by which he meant anyone who had anything to do with publications working under Rahim Mashaei. This decision meant once again, that a replacement editor in chief was needed at Danestaniha, and Mohammad Jabari (previously editor in chief at Hamshahri Javan) became the fourth editor in chief at the magazine.