Fars News Agency

The Fars News Agency was established in January 2003 on the anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Fars claims to be the “leading independent news agency” in Iran; it is common knowledge, however, that Fars News has close ties to Iran’s Sepah (Revolutionary Guards Corps). In the Western media, Fars News is commonly referred to as either the “semi-official Fars News Agency” or the “state-run Fars News Agency.” The agency’s mission statement proclaims it aims to “promote the principles of the Islamic Revolution and safeguard national interests.”
Fars’ managing director and editor in chief are Saeid Noubari and Abbas Darvish Tavangar, respectively. Saeid Noubari is Tehran Justice Department ‘s former head of public relations. In addition to being Fars’ editor in chief, Abbas Darvish Tavangar is also the head of the Association of Iranian Journalists and Reporters. Fars publishes news in Persian, English, Turkish, and Arabic. On May 7th, 2012 Fars announced it would soon start a Russian-language