Donyaye Tasvir

A monthly magazine specializing in all things film related, Donyaye Tasvir (World of Visuals), has been in print since 1992. The magazine’s rights belong to Ali Moallem, who is also the magazine’s managing director and editor in chief. Moallem is also active as a producer, director, and actor in the Iranian cinema scene. Journalists and photographers who work for the magazine usually cover both Iranian and International film festivals.
In March 2008, the Press Monitoring Committee revoked Donyaye Tasvir’s publishing permit after its latest issue ran stories on several female Hollywood stars, while also publishing their pictures. Ali Moallem found out about the revocation of the magazine’s permit after reading an article on the conservative Fars News Agency site, which reported that “ The publication licenses of seven newspapers and magazines have been suspended by the Press Monitoring Committee based on Article 11 of the press law.” At the same time, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s website published a different reason for the revocation of the magazine’s publishing permit. The ministrie’s website wrote, “The licenses for nine popular cinema magazines have been suspended by the Press Monitoring Committee due to illegal publication of photos of artists, especially those of foreign corrupted actors.”
After the magazine’s publishing rights were revoked, the hardliner daily newspaper Keyhan was quick to write that the magazine was “a serious danger for the cinema of Iran!” since “…During its publication Donyaye Tasvir would advertise the most salacious films, and had no qualms when it came to introducing films promoting homosexuality.”
The magazine appealed the court’s decision and the ban was officially lifted by Tehran’s public court in December 2008. Donyaye Tasvir has been in circulation since then.